About Craps.

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Craps is a casino dice game where players get an exciting gambling experience. And put their betting strategy into action to win money and have fun while at it.

Craps gameplay involves some Basic table personnel and their essential duties. The most crucial table staff for crap games in casinos are the dealer. A box person and a minor stick person UFABET 

The box person takes care of the craps table and supervises the gameplay from start to end. Moreover, the supervisor also handles the chips. And settles any arising issues between the dealers and active gamblers.

The person on the right side of the box, the 2nd base dealers and players on that side are on the second base side. Two of these sections are therefore known by the box person.

However, on the left side of the setup lies the third base dealer and players on that side are on the third base. Therefore, always check the structure to keep this base in mind.

The stick person is the dealer with the controlling stick. And this stick is what he uses to direct the objects on the table.

In most physical casinos, this personnel is always at the centre of the table. Supervisors of craps rate players according to their position and their stand.