Conte insists Spurs progresses despite falling 16 teams in the Champions League.

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Spurs boss Antonio Conte insists his side are making progress despite their Champions League knockout round of 16. After only being able to draw with AC Milan at home 0-0, overall the results of the two games lost 0-1.

“This is the third game in a row that we haven’t scored. I think the game looks well balanced. I think we play a good offensive game. I’m talking about the whole team. Not just with attacking players. We could have done much better.”

“I can’t say anything negative about the commitment of the players. They gave everything from start to finish.”UFABET 

“We finished the game with 10 players but if I look at the situation in a positive way. That is, we have made progress. We played in the Europa Conference League last year. and did not pass the group stage now we move forward But it’s still not enough And if we want to compete We must fight.”

“Of course there is a lot of pressure in our hearts. But in the first half we found it difficult to go forward. We find space to receive the ball. and making a 1v1 game, but we had a problem.”

“We feel a little pressure. I think we need to play games like this more often. to try to improve”

“I think everyone wants to go through to the next round. In the first game we lost a good chance, Milan didn’t lack important players like us.

“We have to keep working hard. We also have other games. to recover We have to try our best at the end of the season in Champions League.