Benefits of spinach.

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          The nutritional value of spinach is known to be second to none. Which scholars believe that this vegetable is suitable for children and patients. Because the nutrients are high. Whether it’s both protein and minerals. As well as eating only 100 grams, it helps to get high vitamin C equivalent to the amount your body needs. And there is also beta-carotene equivalent to the amount that should be received per day up to 2 times.
         Also used as a herb to treat various diseases. The outstanding properties. That is Properties in the field of blood nourishment, hemostasis, treatment of bleeding from various organs such as nosebleeds or bloody stools. UFABET The beta-carotene in spinach can also help treat night blindness. And treat anemia by eating on a daily basis.

          Not only that Eating can also strengthen bones. Because vitamin K plays an important role in bone maintenance. Reduce the chance of osteoporosis and fortified with calcium. Do you see the full benefits? It’s worth trying. 

How are vegetables different?

          Maybe it’s because since childhood we have seen that in the cartoon. Popeye, the protagonist Popeye eats a vegetable. Which is the English name for spinach. But it was mistranslated into spinach. Therefore, we have always misunderstood each other. In fact, spinach has the English name Amaranth while spinach is known in English. But belonging to the same family Including having similar nutritional values.