The Craps Table.

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Depending on the casino. A craps table could be 12ft long, but you can find smaller tables. The table can hold up to 16 players. And unlike blackjack tables, players here do not sit while playing. Smaller craps tables have up to 8 players. At physical casinos, there are casino employees who oversee the flow of the game. They include:

  1. The Box person– They are responsible for exchanging player’s cash into playing chips. The person also oversees the dealers and makes sure the game is running effortlessly.
  2. The Stickman– Their role is always to announce the dice outcomes. They use a curved stick to collect the pair of dice while moving them around shooters.
  3. The Shooter– This is the person rolling the dice. In craps, all players get to shoot or roll the dice. The dice also moves clockwise in the table among all players come, shooters.
  4. The Base Dealers– At a craps table, there are two dealers on each side of the Boxman. They collect all losing bets and payout to all winners at the table. Also, they can place hard-to-reach bets on behalf of players UFABET 

However, when playing at any Real Money Online Craps. Things are simple. So don’t panic. The rules are similar and the difference is that there is no other table personnel. And you’re the shooter. You only need to place your preferred bets by clicking on the ideal spot on the craps felt.